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Our Customer Focus

We Strive To Become An Industry Leader In Customer Satisfaction

If you’re not happy, then, neither are we. We want you to be happy with every aspect of the home buying process from your first contact with us through moving day and beyond.

It Starts With Being Clear About What To Expect When You Buy

Whether you’ve purchased a home before, or are in the midst of your first home-buying experience, you no doubt recognize it’s a significant – and complex – process.

Your Homeowners Orientation Manual includes

- Welcome to Sunnyside Homebuilders
- Closing Your New Home
- Our Warranties
- Homeowner Responsibilities
- Customer Service Procedures
- Specifications and Finishes
- Home Care & Maintenance - Exterior
- Home Care & Maintenance - Interior
- Suggested Moving Preparations
- Important Documents

To assist you in the process, and inform you in advance before the purchase documentation is finalized about how all the various warranties and processes of your purchase work, we provide you a “Homeowners Orientation Manual.” This informative manual is a resource born from a history of helping families like yours through the home purchase process and beyond. Inside it you will find detailed information to help you understand what to expect and guide you through your experience buying and or building your Sunnyside home. It explains about industry standards we agree to adhere to, our three different kinds of warranties, how our customer service and other processes work, our joint responsibilities, helpful tips on caring for your new home after you move in to preserve and enhance its long term value, to name a few.

It Continues With Delivering What We Promise

All our processes and procedures are designed to insure we meet and or exceed industry standards and our customer’s reasonable expectations as outline in your Homeowners Orientation Manual. To insure we are delivering what we promised, depending upon the status of construction when you purchase your home, we give you three opportunities to inspect our work; first when your home is laid out before we start the foundation, then again at the framing stage and finally just before delivery (See Quality Assurance). After you’ve moved in we give you two more opportunities during the first year to make sure you home meets the warranty standards we’ve agreed upon.